What is normal? everyone’s normal is different and yet we all have this thought as to what normal is.

In some ways being sick or chronically ill can be considered normal because a lot of people in the world struggle with some sort of health condition that affects their daily life (some don’t feel comfortable talking about their condition and so you don’t even know what struggle they live with.) If this is all so average to so many than why does it feel as though we are the only one going through it?

© Amanda English Photography-27

Photo ©Amanda English Photography

Bottom line is no matter how many others go through the same thing you may be experiencing you still sometimes will feel alone, I’ve had times where I have isolated myself. I felt alone and wanted to talk to people but often found myself pushing everyone away. 

The hardest thing about struggling is everyone has their hardships to some it may seem like theirs are less than what you are going through but there truly is no scale of who is going through something harder, everyone deals with things differently. 

Today we all talk about being positive, happy, etc that we forget we are human every emotion must be felt, the good the bad all of them. Do you remember that time you were on the verge of tears and because you felt like it made you weak you simply held back and pretended nothing was wrong.. I’m sure you felt really terrible right? – reasoning is because bottling things in isn’t healthy.

There is nothing wrong with crying actually I think we all would be better off if we allowed our self a little cry every once in awhile. 

So today if you are upset, happy, scared, allow those feelings to be felt. ♥




Written & edited by Mellie White Writer and editor for Le Reve Magazine

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